The difference is Gaggenau
Both a German city and brand, but mostly known as a leader in the home appliance industry, Gaggenau is synonymous with exclusive culinary culture. The name goes back to the place in the Black Forest where the company was founded as the Gaggenau ironworks in 1683. Its over 330 year old history emphasises the brand’s natural evolution and it is known for its pioneering role in innovation and design.

Among its most well-known innovations are the glass ceramic cook top and the Combi-steam oven for private kitchens. Another significant achievement in terms of product design is the full –surface induction cook top CX480 that transforms the entire surface of the appliance into one large cooking zone, which also means there are no allocated positions for cookware.

The Vario Cooling 400 series sets standards in terms of design, functionality and convenience. This modular system of fully integrated appliances, resulted in the world’s first cooling wall. All of the refrigerators and freezers, fridge-freezer combinations and wine climate cabinets have several climate zones in which temperatures can be set to the precise degree.

Gaggenau’s iconic 90 cm oven, the EB 333, is hand built and has been designed this way for over 30 years. The oven EB 333 perfectly embodies Gaggenau’s design philosophy of “Traditional Avant-garde”, where timeless craftsmanship meets innovative design. This year, Gaggenau launched it’s CV 282 Flex Induction hob with an integrated ventilation system. The unit is another first of its kind in terms of new technological advances in the home appliance industry.

Gaggenau is an experience in itself. Its design focuses on the essential and its distinct quality rises above trends. The use of stainless steel and aluminium is key to the longevity of Gaggenau appliances.