The Face Behind Valcucine - Gabriele Centazzo

Valcucine first opened in 1980, and has since been standing out in the kitchen sector with our focus on wellbeing, innovation and timeless kitchens. Since inception, nature has played a pivotal role in all of Valcucine’s designs and continues to be the source of inspiration for our founder, Gabriele Centazzo.

Customising your Kitchen with Valcucine

Add a personal touch to your kitchen through our various customisation techniques. Read on to find out more.

We are expecting to see a resurgence of natural elements and colours that portrays the outdoors. Read more about the trends we are forecasting for next year.

Kitchen dark simple

A successful design should be the culmination of innovation, ergonomics and harmony with the environment. At Valcucine we aim to prioritise the wellbeing of the end-user while placing significant emphasis on our environmental impact.

Kitchen Light, Natural Simple

A kitchen should be a place to gather with friends and family. To make beautiful memories over delicious food and wonderful company. Here are a few suggestions that we have on how to make your kitchen timeless through brilliant countertop choices.

Learn More About our Luxury Wardrobes

Our wardrobes are the result of the innovative design process from Porro- one of Italy’s most sought-after design companies. Our wide range of offerings confirms an incredible wardrobe experience in your home. Continue reading to learn more about Porro and the updates of their Storage systems.

Top Five Ways to add luxury to your living space

Transform your living room with these simple tips to add a sense of luxury to your home

Valcucine Italian Kitchen Design South Africa Modern

Valcucine created their first glass kitchen just over 30 years ago and now we are introducing our latest addition to the glass family, the Vitrum Mimesis

How to Design an Interior that Stands the Test of Time

One of the greatest attributes to fantastic design lay in the ability for it to last through the ages of trends.